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Her Doctor, His Rose. by Silver-Moonshine01 Her Doctor, His Rose. :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 8 0 Ponyy by Silver-Moonshine01 Ponyy :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 2
Midnight Murder Chapter 6
He couldn't leave Allie alone. Even if Mozzies life depended on it.
"Hey, Dad... are you ok?" She asked. She had looked up to see her father looking like a bus had hit him. "You can go, I'll be fine, go find mozzie." she pleaded.
"No... No, you're more important." He replied, he knew how important it was, and it wasn't like he was allowed to go anyway.
"No I'm not! GO NOW!" she yelled at him, tears of frustration running down her face. She was the reason his best friend was missing, why didn't he just go. It would at least make her feel better.
"Allie! I'm not allowed to." He said yelling, his voice slowly getting quieter as he spoke. "Peter won't let me. And I know that I've only just come into your life, but please," he said desperately "don't yell at me. I know that I wasn't there and I can't make up for that but when you yell it just shows how lousy a job I'm doing and it hurts... I'm so sorry baby. My precious little girl." he said pulling her into a hug. Great. Now she fel
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Random by Silver-Moonshine01 Random :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 0 5 Chibi Lausa by Silver-Moonshine01 Chibi Lausa :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 3
Midnight Murder Chapter 5
"Look out for Moz Peter." Said Neal as he left.
"So, what do you want to do this afternoon?" Neal asked Allie as they got home. He hoped June had some board games.
"Do you have anything...y'know" She asked. Neal was pretty sure he knew what she meant.
"What that has to do with my, line of work?" He asked childishly a giant grin spreading across his face.
"Yes! I have so much to learn and what else are we gonna do? We're cooped up like chickens." She said. She was a lot more mature then him, especially when talking about cons.
"You know, it's this sort of thing that got you into this mess... But I guess the old training jacket needs a little dusting off anyway." And then he thought about the last time they had used it. He and Mozzie were teaching Peter how to act like Neal when they had gotten themselves into a silly situation. Those days were so much fun, and Mozzie and Peter had really bonded. He missed mozzie already, and it had only been about 10 hours since he had dis
:iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 0 0
Midnight Murder Chapter 4
"I dont know you well, but you are already to precious to give up"
"Thank you...Daddy"
Neal decided to take Allie into the office that day. He knew it meant he would have to explain it several times but it was the best way to keep her safe. He couldn't leave her alone at Junes, and besides that way they could work on the case with a witness...Who was he kidding. There was only one reason and that was so that Reveres couldn't get to her. He didnt want this girl who had just come into his life to be taken away. It already hurt enough not having mozzie. He couldnt loose her too. He could tell as soon as she entered the building that she was uneasy. He didnt expect diana to be so surprised though, wouldnt it be more likely that he would run around in collage that peter. Not that he went to college but still.
"Diana this is Allie, she's a witness in a murder investigation."
"Peter she looks like more than a witness, is she his-"
"Daughter, yes. Jones met her yesterday.
:iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 0
Midnight Murder Chapter 3
"Thanks Peter, for everything."
"No problem Kid."

"So this is the main room. Kitchen, dining room and my bed room. Over here is the bathroom, and through here is your temporary room." it had been a long tiring day for Neal, and it was still only 3 o'clock in the afternoon!
"Thanks... its lovely." that's what Sara had said. But they needed to talk about the real problem, the real threat, that made it very hard to get onto mozzie. But it was possible.
"Mozzie, I need you at my place now." Neal was speaking through a VC radio. "C'mon I know you can hear me."
"Who are you talking to?" Allie was sceptical. Maybe her father had gone mad.
"Oh, he's not mad, although his friend might be." Said Sara, reading her face.
"Mozzie is not mad!" he snapped "Sara, you're meant to be on my side." Neal said sulkily.
"Oh I am, I'm just not sure how sane mozzie really is." she said teasing him
"And, does this Mozzie have a real name?"
"That is his real name, he's... odd I know, but he's alwa
:iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 0
Midnight Murder Chapter 2
"And here we are"
"Here we are" Neal whispered to himself.

"Why didn't I know?" Neal asked his... no it's too weird calling her his daughter. He just doesn't know her, how can he call her his own? she interrupted his thoughts with her explanation.
"My mother left as soon as she knew, no offence but she didn't want her daughter to grow up, well, a criminal. I guess that didn't change anything-"
"Wait, you-"
"Are an alleged criminal, but there is no proof. That's the reason my mother was murdered. I ran a con on a high end business man, his name is John Reveres and-"
"WHAT! You did a con on one of the most dangerous stock traders in Seattle! What on earth were you thinking?"
"It's in my blood, what could I do. It was so thrilling, but the main reason was because mom wanted me to go to a good school, but she didn't have the money, so I helped a little bit-"
"But why Reveres?"
"I just picked a random guy off the street, how was I supposed to know who he was?"
"You sh
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Midnight Murder Chapter 1
As Neal walked into the office for work he could tell something was off, Peter was nowhere in sight, and for Peter that was odd. He saw Diana and strolled over to her, "what's happening today?" he asked.
"You haven't heard." Neal was confused, normally he was the first person peter went to with a case. "Peter is talking to a kid, but she said she wouldn't come to the office, so they are at Peters place. I think peter will tell you the rest when you get there, even if I wanted to tell you though I couldn't I have no idea what this is about."
"The rest? Like what the case is actually about?"
"I'm not sure it's a case." that doesn't make sense why would peter be talking to a kid unless it was about a case. And what could a kid be doing caught in the middle of white collar crime? Neals thoughts were interrupted as Jones walked up.
"You know, my buddy almost had a problem like this, he changed his address, phone and hair after he left college, y'know, just in case."
"What, you think
:iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 6 2
Neal Caffrey Wallpaper by Silver-Moonshine01 Neal Caffrey Wallpaper :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 28 0 Elizabeth Burke by Silver-Moonshine01 Elizabeth Burke :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 0 0 Clinton Jones by Silver-Moonshine01 Clinton Jones :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 0 Sara Ellis by Silver-Moonshine01 Sara Ellis :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 36 Mozzie by Silver-Moonshine01 Mozzie :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 2 Diana Berrigan by Silver-Moonshine01 Diana Berrigan :iconsilver-moonshine01:Silver-Moonshine01 2 0
Enjoy ^^'


'Twas The Night
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the flat,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a rat.
The stockings were hung by the fireplace burning,
In hope that Saint Nick would once more be returning.
The lights were turned out and the curtains were shut
And the cookies placed, the milk poured into cups,
One for ol' Nick and one for his deer,
Then I hopped into bed to wish the day near.
Then all of sudden, an almighty clatter!
I leapt from my bed to see what was the matter,
I raced down the landing, my heart in my mouth
And into the lounge to see what was lurking about.
Then I saw, oh I saw, what one can never unsee:
Oh but a man, a man! tumble down the chimney!
I gasped in surprise, shocked at what I saw,
Then it hit me: could it be, was this Father Claus?
I had heard stories and songs and odd teasing rumours
About what he was like and the mince pies that he worked for.
However this fellow who was covered in soot,
Resembled not at all like that big-bellied brute.
He was lanky a
:icon123dimensional:123Dimensional 41 39
WE R WHO WE R - WHITE COLLAR by princess-wonderland WE R WHO WE R - WHITE COLLAR :iconprincess-wonderland:princess-wonderland 8 4 River's Ponds by Jellyneau River's Ponds :iconjellyneau:Jellyneau 588 103 Doctor Who Wallpaper by Letizia Doctor Who Wallpaper :iconletizia:Letizia 273 10 The Doctor by Gin85 The Doctor :icongin85:Gin85 114 42 Come Along Pond by Life-is Come Along Pond :iconlife-is:Life-is 81 15 Rose Tyler and her Doctor by Pinkie-Perfect Rose Tyler and her Doctor :iconpinkie-perfect:Pinkie-Perfect 649 41 Who Loves Rose by theintrovert Who Loves Rose :icontheintrovert:theintrovert 24 5 Cue the Screaming Fangirls by ashesto Cue the Screaming Fangirls :iconashesto:ashesto 726 119 You and Me by TKirr You and Me :icontkirr:TKirr 72 6 Three Types of Fluff by SarcasticFox Three Types of Fluff :iconsarcasticfox:SarcasticFox 171 39 Happy Birthday Rose II by Girl-on-the-Moon Happy Birthday Rose II :icongirl-on-the-moon:Girl-on-the-Moon 415 28 9 Jack Rose by creative-casso 9 Jack Rose :iconcreative-casso:creative-casso 66 11 The Doctor by ElvenWarrior14 The Doctor :iconelvenwarrior14:ElvenWarrior14 272 24 The Last Time Lord by Demetrias The Last Time Lord :icondemetrias:Demetrias 192 26 Who Knew by ky-sta Who Knew :iconky-sta:ky-sta 64 41



Molto Bene!

Thu Jan 19, 2012, 3:15 PM
Horay for free Member ship Day!!
Its Fantastic, Brilliant, Molto bene.
Now excuse me while i hunt for more journal skins!!

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My names Lausa, but i prefer Rah, im a pencil artist, and a digital artist, i like Doctor Who(with a passion!), White collar, Greys Anatomy, Pokemon, Covert Affairs, Sonic and co, Dev (of course), Horses and Books!

And remember je t'aime



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